The whole point of marketing is to get your product or service out into the public domain and to ultimately improve your sales. Video can help massively with that.

// Slapstick legend Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin sporting his usual bowler hat and toothbrush moustache.

Video isn’t new. In fact, video as we know it actually started in 1951 when the first video tape recorder was invented which allowed live broadcasts to be captured and stored on magnetic tapes. Before this, video was exclusively live. You may be asking: But what about Charlie Chaplin and all of those famous movies? They were made long before 1951? Yes, you’re right! However, it wasn’t available to businesses or nor was it widely accessible by the public as the cost of a projector would have been astronomical, not to mention the cost of the film.

Today, however, you could go to your local supermarket and pick up a camera and SD card for as little at £70; because of this, video usage is on the rise! Wyzowl, a leading video company in the US with offices in the UK, publishes an annual “State of Video Marketing” survey which in 2018, saw an 18% increase in businesses using video as a marketing tool from 63% to 81%. But here’s the real kicker, 72% of people say they’d rather watch a video about your product or service than read text. This alone says a lot about value that video can have for your company. Can you really afford not to include video in your marketing plan?

Are there any magic secrets I need to know about to make the best marketing video in the whole universe? No but here are some useful tips on what you need to do to ensure your video does its job:

Focus on the story, not the sale

Picture it: the stereotypical salesperson on the shopping channel, speaking so fast that you can barely understand them. Special offers are being constantly rammed down your throat … but only if you order right this second of course. Let’s face it, nobody stays on the shopping channel very long, they’re just catching a few minutes before Coronation Street starts!

// ShamWow Guy from a US shopping channel

Make sure you optimise your video for SEO

What’s the point in having a video if nobody can actually find it on the internet? Make sure your video has a relevant description when using hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo to ensure that Google Search Spiders (these are the nice kind, don’t worry!) can easily index your video.

Educate your customer

Education has come a long way from just reading, writing and arithmetic. For example, you can make an explainer video about how to use your product or service and provide useful tips on how to make the most of it. You could host a Webinar to show your industry knowledge and position your brand as a market leader and collect leads in the process.

Most importantly, know your customer

Data is everything when it comes to marketing. To make sure you get the full potential out of any of your marketing tools, you need to make sure you’re using the right channel to target your customers.

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