Let me introduce myself, I’m Bridie; Blink’s Digital Marketing Apprentice! As a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I’ll be tweeting, instagramming and facebooking everything we get up to here at Blink Video and I’ll also be writing blogs for this website so here’s my first blog post talking about my time so far!

From Student to Apprentice…

When starting my second and final year at college, the constant question floating about was “what are my plans next year?’. Most of my class had plans to go to university.

However, I never thought a few months later I would be taking photos for Hull University graduation which was a celebration of studying a subject for three years. Skipping this step within the education ladder has enabled me to develop skills in filming, editing and marketing.

IN vs OUT of Office Days

My role isn’t just your 9-5 office job I could be editing a video or filming at a building site. My office days include editing photos for social medias or editing footage from festivals, weddings or corporate shoots along with the constant sound of rock music on the radio :). When I’m out of the office I assist Sam with filming equipment along with monitoring static cameras when wanting a two camera setup and taking pictures for the social media. Through filming at some brilliant locations I learn a lot of interesting stuff on the way like how Howdens cabinets are created from a tree being cut down to the cabinets being passed on to the customer.

Behind The Camera

Being a former media student I used to look at many examples of media products including both photography and video. Through this I studied the techniques for how certain visuals are captured however wasn’t able to put it in the industry perspective until now. I’ve learnt how to capture certain expression on camera and how certain angles and movement create an emotive effect along with contributing towards the edit to create this.


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